SVS Lever Arch File (PVC)

Lever Arch File

Lever Arch File, also known as PVC lever arch files, are the most common arch files on the market today, and they’re ideal if you want to store a lot of paperwork. Lever arch files are an essential part of any stationery set and are most commonly used by both students and professionals alike. SVS lever arch files come in a wide range of colors, including clear so you can see what’s inside the file at a glance. Not only do they help keep your documents secure, but they also add a touch of color to your desk or study area that will make you look forward to sitting down to work every day!

No.s 1566 / 1565 / 1551
Type PVC Pasting Lever Arch File
Size A4 Lever Arch File / FS Lever Arch File / Voucher Lever Arch File

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